We offer multi-cam services and will travel throughout the western states.

brightpathvideo offers single and multi-cam live video shoots. brightpathvideo can assist you in making your Zoom presentations look better and stream with improved quality.

Our  professionalism makes working with clients an easier process. We are as invested in your success as we are in our own.

“On very short notice I engaged Bright Path Video to provide the camera and technical support for a series of group interviews which my religious community wanted to conduct over the web. John Parulis [brightpathvideo] was incredibly responsive, spending a great amount of his own time to become familiar with our conferencing platform beforehand. He was creative in coming up with ways to work around problems with that platform, most noticeably its inability to record our video stream. He found alternate ways to capture our interviews, and afterward posted them for us on a private channel which was shared among our committee. By doing this for us, he resolved several issues for which we were unprepared and otherwise had no solutions. Perhaps most importantly, John was a pleasure to work with. Our interviews took place in the very intimate environment of our sanctuary and involved very candid discussions of our faith and its relationships with others. John was naturally respectful and supportive, and our committee members quickly became comfortable having him in the room with us during these sensitive dialogues. We greatly appreciated John’s professionalism and maturity.”
Steven Tulsky



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